Some entrepreneurs begin after the discovery of a great product, service or idea. Some start a new business because they don’t have a choice – it was that or the unemployment line. And, there are others that may not have a specific idea in mind right away, but have a gnawing desire to move beyond the cubicle or corner office and leave their mark on history. That was us.


Although we are in the business of providing financial and accounting expertise to entrepreneurs, we are entrepreneurs ourselves, and we share the pains and joys of the entrepreneur lifestyle.

Our professional lives began as internal and external auditors. In this capacity, we saw how businesses operated from both an internal and external perspective.. We observed good and bad business practices in a variety of sectors within a variety of organizational structures. However, as auditors we did not have the opportunity to affect change on current and future business growth for our clients, since much of the accounting world focuses on the analysis of historical financial information.

After moving out on our own to consult on basic accounting and financial reporting needs of small businesses, we discovered a greater desire to assist entrepreneurs in implementing sound, digitized financial operational processes that lead to efficient and streamlined operations for successful and sustainable business models.

We decided it was time to build a company that provided the insight of an auditor, that was requested, even accepted, by the client. After being the outsider, we wanted to be part of the Team. The need for financial foresight was clear. Entrepreneurs needed us. Compass East – the Entrepreneurs Accounting Solutions Team was born.