stampSo you have an idea, a business, a vision, for something bigger. You may have had some form of this vision for a few months or even years. It could be in its infancy or well established. But regardless, you have a vision for something more, something better.

In the early 1800s, a man named Thomas Jefferson – you may have heard of him – had a vision for the growth of America. As part of this vision, he made a rather sizable purchase of property – the Louisiana Territory. Much of the land had been previously unchartered. So in order to make good use of the territory and execute his plan, he hired two guys named Lewis and Clark.

The mission of Lewis and Clark was to explore the territory in order to map the best routes across the continent and establish an American presence before other world powers tried to claim the area as their own.

So, just as Lewis and Clark helped old T.J. chart the route to the Western Frontier, Compass East is here to help guide your business and assist in the execution of your vision for a successful venture.