We know, we know. Profits go North and South. But let us explain. Go to your closet and pull out your compass. It’s probably right next to your protractor and 8-track player. When looking at those cardinal directions from the financial viewpoint of a business, you, of course, always want to make sure your bottom line is headed North. However, we take you a step further. We are looking, planning, and projecting out into the future – to the East – on that compass you are staring at right now, to ensure your business can produce and sustain growth for the long haul.


At Compass East, we believe that focusing on the future of your business will yield the most positive results in the present. We work with you to project your business’ future scenarios, so that your business is ready to meet the challenges and take advantage of the opportunities that lie ahead. This focus allows our entrepreneur partners to view their businesses from a different perspective and work on the development of the business – not in it.

Accounting firms typically spend a lot of time on your historical information. While understanding the past is an important part of our preparation, we go a step further. First, we implement efficient financial business processes to ensure accurate records. Then, we provide relevant and timely financial statements on a monthly basis which provide a clear lens into your business. And, lastly, we provide forecasts and projections through an analysis of your past performance and management’s expectations for the future.

It’s been said that what is measured is managed. Compass East provides entrepreneurs with the means to measure. Once our clients have benefited from our services and reporting, they are able to manage and grow their businesses.

It took Lewis and Clark two years, four months, and ten days to complete their expedition. With advances in technology in the few years since their journey, we think we can cut it down. Contact us and we will be honored to help move your vision for your business forward..